Lori Saitz on Self Talk Radio Show

Networking for Introverts

Episode No: 118
Guest Name: Lori Saitz
Episode Airdate: July 20th 2020
Tongue tied at networking meetings? You know they help build up your business or career, but how do you strike up meaningful conversations? Need to learn how to overcome shyness and  network effectively to find clients and referrals? Then this episode with Lori Saitz is right up your alley:
Kamini Wood on Self Talk Radio Show

Outsourcing Your Worth?

Episode No: 117
Guest Name: Kamini Wood
Episode Airdate: July 13th 2020

Are you Outsourcing Your Worth? Letting others dictate your value in work and in your relationships? My next guest is the founder and CEO of "Live Joy Your Way" and the AuthenticMe® RiseUp program and author of "Life's Gentle Reminders," Kamini Wood is driven to support people of all ages heal the relationship with themselves and to stop outsourcing their self-worth.

Christine Moriarty on Self Talk Radio Show

Couples and Money Peace

Episode No: 116
Guest Name: Christine Moriarty
Episode Airdate: July 6th 2020

The top 3 reasons couples file for divorce are infidelity, lack of communication and money. Money makes people funny as the saying goes - but there's nothing funny about being thrown into financial turmoil during these challenging times. Learn some ways to get through your money challenges with my next guest, Christine Moriarty, founder of Money Peace, next on STRS.

Dr. Clive Wynne on Self Talk Radio Show

Dog is Love

Episode No: 115
Guest Name: Dr. Clive Wynne
Episode Airdate: June 29th 2020

Is there a way to scientifically measure the love of your dog? Why would that be important to us now more than ever? My next guest is a behavioral scientist doing extensive research on how and why your dog loves you.

Alison Donaghey on Self Talk Radio Show

Domino Thinking

Episode No: 114
Guest Name: Alison Donaghey
Episode Airdate: June 22nd 2020

Are you allowing others to dictate your self-worth? International best-selling author, and podcast host of Domino Thinking - Alison Donaghey pinpoints our stuck point of worthiness and helps us get out of the victim mindset. A successful entrepreneur since 2000, and host of the popular podcast, "Domino Thinking," please welcome Alison.

Trista Polo on Self Talk Radio Show

Pl8te Story

Episode No: 113
Guest Name: Trista Polo
Episode Airdate: June 15th 2020

Does your car's vanity plate tell a story? My next guest has created an entire podcast dedicated to the story behind the plate - Trista Polo, host of Pl8te Story next on STRS.

Rich "The Trigger" Bontrager on Self Talk Radio Show

Trigger to Success

Episode No: 112
Guest Name: Rich Bontrager
Episode Airdate: June 8th 2020

He should've been dead at least 3 times, and yet he has defied the odds medically since birth, through a severe fire accident, liver failure, and transplant in 2017. “Trigger” as he is commonly known, has enjoyed a 25 year career as a sports broadcaster, talk-show host, and now keynote speaker.  He also hosts a YOUTUBE channel helping leaders and communicators achieve their dreams and goals, both on the live stage and the exciting new Virtual Stage. The Trigger - Rich Bontrager

Candice Dorsey on Self Talk Radio Show

Website 101

Episode No: 111
Guest Name: Candice Dorsey
Episode Airdate: June 2nd 2020

Podcaster and web designer Candice C.S. Dorsey joins us to take us through the steps of building your website online. 5 questions to ask your web designer BEFORE you hire them and - do you even NEED a website? Candace's surprising answer on Self Talk Radio Show.

Julia Seraphine on Self Talk Radio Show

Instagram Influencer

Episode No: 110
Guest Name: Julia Seraphine
Episode Airdate: May 25th 2020

How long does it take to become an influencer on Instagram? My next guest tells how she became an Instagram influencer in under a year and how you can too! Please welcome Julia Seraphine to STRS.

Kip Brooks on Self Talk Radio Show

Hypnosis and NLP

Episode No: 109
Guest Name: Kip Brooks
Episode Airdate: May 18th 2020

Hypnosis has been used to produce long-lasting change since 1843. My next guest says hypnosis is not:
- Being asleep
- Being unconscious
- Being gullible
- Being weak-minded
- Being controlled by someone else
So what is it? Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and founder of the Brooks Empowerment Academy, Kip Brooks, tells us more on STRS.

Chantal Gerardy on Self Talk Radio Show

Facebook Success

Episode No: 108
Guest Name: Chantal Gerardy
Episode Airdate: May 11th 2020

Imagine starting a new business in a new country knowing no one and also raising 3 kids under 5. Could YOU make it happen? My guest unveils how she used Facebook 20 minutes a day to grow her award-winning international business and how you can to. Chantal Gerardy, international FB business expert on Self Talk Radio Show.

Cathleen Elle on Self Talk Radio Show

Past the Pain

Episode No: 107
Guest Name: Cathleen L
Episode Airdate: May 4th 2020

Feeling out-of-control? Fearful by what's happening in the world? My next guest has addressed world leaders in the Israeli Government and Brazilian Parliament on women and minorities serving govt. Her life's work drastically refocused after her teenage son died by suicide. Can you move from being shattered to living a life of joy? My next guest says emphatically yes. Please welcome Cathleen Elle to Self Talk Radio Show.

Christine Miller on Self Talk Radio Show

Virtual Sales Team

Episode No: 106
Guest Name: Christine Miller
Episode Airdate: April 27th 2020

What if a small business or startup needs sales help, but they don't have a sales manager or sales team (or even a brick-and-mortar) in place? Is a Virtual Sales Team a sound idea?

Kamini Wood on Self Talk Radio Show

People Pleasing Burnout

Episode No: 104
Guest Name: Kamini Wood
Episode Airdate: April 9th 2020

Where do you draw the line between people-pleasing and me-first selfishness? Board-certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, trained in conscious parenting and conscious uncoupling, my next guest is an expert at getting to the core of this destructive behavior and helping people rise up to their authentic self. Please welcome Kamini Wood

Armando Fierro - Acknowledging the Shadow on Self Talk Radio Show

Acknowledging the Shadow

Episode No: 103
Guest Name: Armando Fierro
Episode Airdate: March 30th 2020

Feeling angry? Anxious? Not sure what to do with your feelings? My next guest is a combat veteran trained in clinical psychology and hypnotherapy. He climbed his way out of PTS to develop a process known as "Acknowledging the Shadow," or ATS to help process anger, anxiety and other emotions that inhibit growth. Please welcome the founder of ATS, Armando Fierro to Self Talk Radio Show.