Episode: 8 - "Navy SEAL Mindset" with Bill Atkinson

 15 April 2016

The idea of doing ANYTHING in the ocean (save for embarking on a cruise…)gives me pause. “Swimming with the fishes” conjures up visions of Capone more than the healing powers my guest, former Navy SEAL mentor and trainer, Bill Atkinson of EleMental Edge Training experiences.

I asked him what scared him most about his training - I expected the answer: “some of the underwater exercises.” But the way he answered really caught my attention. And it was one word: Excited. “I’m EXCITED to Learn - it’ll be a CHALLENGE to learn and I’m EXCITED to learn about these things.” Therein lies the secret sauce to his mind training programs; changing the adrenaline rush from a fear space to one of adventure. He employs his training not only for prospective Special Forces wannabes, but also those who need a shift in the boardroom.

Bill is a fascinating guest, unassuming and as curious about learning as he is about leading and teaching. Enjoy!

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Bill Atkinson’s EleMental Edge Training Website HERE
  • Bill’s LinkedIn profile HERE
  • Check out his training videos HERE

Guest Name: Bill Atkinson
Episode Number: 8
Episode Airdate: 04/15/2016

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