Episode: 16 - "Leadership: The Secret Sauce" with Lisa Tremblay-Rees

 25 August 2016

Leadership: The Secret Sauce

What makes a good leader, great? Should emotions be checked out of the office? Can anger actually be a GOOD thing? CEO of LTR Leadership and a Leadership Coach with the Dept. of Homeland Security, Lisa Tremblay Rees shares ways to pump up your Emotional Intelligence. Find out:

  • How emotions direct our thinking
  • The number one way leaders lose team enthusiasm
  • Q-TIP: How this acronym can instantly change your approach as a leader.
  • The 4 Ds of Appreciative Inquiry

Lisa co-facilitates leadership courses in Emotional Intelligence with David Caruso, co-creator of the MSCEIT test for Emotional Intelligence, owner of EI Skills Group and a world-renowned expert in Emotional Intelligence.

If you’re struggling with leadership challenges, you’ll have many aha moments listening to this episode. One of the many nuggets Lisa shares:

"A strength is not what you're good at, it's what gives you energy.and where your passion is."

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry explained HERE
  • David Caruso’s “The Emotionally Intelligent Manager” HERE


Guest Name: Lisa Tremblay-Rees
Episode Number: 16
Episode Airdate: 08/25/2016

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