Episode: 17 - "Standing Out Online" with Kate Paine

 09 September 2016

Facebook Finesse: Handling Personal Loss

I’ve known Kate for close to 10 years now - she’s a wiz with PR, she worked as an intern at CBS news with Dan Rather,no less,and knows her way around social media and standing out online, especially with LinkedIn. However, back in April, Kate faced the challenge of losing her Dad. I watched her posts - some funny, some poignant - many sad. Why did I keep reading? Was I a careless voyeur or caring friend? When do the lines blur and we see past the foodie posts and into the depths of grief, loss and love of a daughter for her father on Facebook?

We discuss how to tackle feelings, being real on line without being TOO real. A fun conversation with some great pointers for Standing Out Online for all the RIGHT reasons.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Learn more about Kate Paine’s services HERE
  • Why she’s the LinkedIn Guru HERE

Guest Name: Kate Paine
Episode Number: 17
Episode Airdate: 09/09/2016

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