So you’re checking me out, eh?

I’m an award-winning internet marketer, broadcaster and lover of the mysteries of life. I’m blessed to live in a beautiful community where the views are breath-taking. I’ve been reading books on hypnosis, mindfulness and watching endless TED-talks and as I read, I kept wanting to ask the author or presenter questions. Hall Communications (a wonderful haven for broadcasters,) graciously gave me the space I needed to create Self Talk Radio Show. I hope I ask all the questions you’d like to hear answered. I hope guests feel heard and I hope you’ll continue to listen. Thank you for giving me space in your busy day to join the conversation.

Sarah not only asks the right questions, she listens & digs for the right answer.
Dr. Steve Taubman
Author, "Unhypnosis"
Just the show I need-thanks for a REAL conversation
Jackie L
Boston, MA
If you'd like to be a guest on Self Talk Radio Show shoot me an email with the form below.  We use Skype to record our interviews and will need one in order to book an interview.  Get a free Skype account