Jamielee 195Pxx243

Getting Into the Music Biz

Episode No: 23
Guest Name: Jamie Lee Thurston
Episode Airdate: December 8th 2016

Wanna break into the music business? How do you start? Jamie Lee Thurston has performed since he was 3, signed a record deal and talks about challenges artists face making it in the business.

Edlester 195Pxx243

The Abundance Index

Episode No: 22
Guest Name: Ed Lester
Episode Airdate: November 17th 2016

Think manifesting what you want is hard? My guest, Ed Lester, founder of The Abundance Index teaches thousands of Law of Attraction fans how to attract what you want and how it's okay to NOT work on your weaknesses, where TO focus energy & create success.

Paulsterling 195Pxx243

Argue Less, Love More

Episode No: 21
Guest Name: Paul Sterling
Episode Airdate: November 3rd 2016

Tired of arguing with your partner? Your teen? Amazon Best-Selling author, Paul Sterling has helped couples for over 20 years deal with the differences, decisions, difficulties and even the drama that shows up in almost all relationships.

Barbarastanny 195Pxx243

Sacred Success

Episode No: 20
Guest Name: Barbara Stanny
Episode Airdate: October 19th 2016

Best-selling author, Barbara Stanny shares overcoming underearning and reaching for Sacred Success. If you don't know how to manage your money (or how to make it!) this is the episode for you.

Carincross 195Pxx243

Road Pitch - How to Pitch to Venture Capitalists

Episode No: 19
Guest Name: Cairn Cross
Episode Airdate: October 6th 2016

Cairn Cross, co-founder of Fresh Tracks Venture Capital and Founder of Road Pitch, gives some great tips on what investors look for when investing in a start-up business.

Cathleenl 195Pxx243

Grief in the Workplace

Episode No: 18
Guest Name: Cathleen Lamberton
Episode Airdate: April 15th 2019

What to do when an employee's grief spills over into the workplace? Cathleen Lamberton helps employers communicate better with those who have suffered and are grieving from the traumatic loss of a loved one

Katepaine 195Pxx243

Standing Out Online

Episode No: 17
Guest Name: Kate Paine
Episode Airdate: September 9th 2016

Standing Out Online the RIGHT Way: Kate Paine tells how to handle tragedy with dignity and navigate the social media waters for your business and personal life.

Lisatremblayrees 195Pxx246

Leadership: The Secret Sauce

Episode No: 16
Guest Name: Lisa Tremblay-Rees
Episode Airdate: August 25th 2016

What makes a good leader, great? Should emotions be checked out of the office? Can anger actually be a GOOD thing? CEO of LTR Leadership and a Leadership Coach with the Dept. of Homeland Security, Lisa shares ways to pump up your Emotional Intelligence.

Kathyhirschpasek 195Pxx243

Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Smart Kids

Episode No: 15
Guest Name: Kathy Hirsch Pasek
Episode Airdate: August 17th 2016

Are we measuring the wrong keys to success? Co-Author Kathy Hirsch Pasek describes the 6 Cs of success, how the latest Pokemon-Go craze helps kids collaborate, communicate and create solutions for critical thinking for tomorrow's executive workforce.

Markperkell 195Pxx243

The UnAttorney

Episode No: 14
Guest Name: Mark Perkell
Episode Airdate: July 20th 2016

Business Attorney, Mark Perkell shares smart steps toward starting (and protecting) your own business. Learn how to find money for your business, what investors REALLY want and when it's safe to quit your day job.

Valerie Pallotta 195Pxx243

Post Traumatic Stress & Josh's House

Episode No: 13
Guest Name: Valerie Palotta
Episode Airdate: July 1st 2016

Josh's House is a safe haven being developed in memory of Josh Palotta by his mother, Valerie Palotta to serve as a haven for alternate therapies to help veterans and others who suffer with PTS.

Amytodisco 195Pxx243

Horse Talk - Your Turning Point Coaching

Episode No: 12
Guest Name: Amy Todisco
Episode Airdate: June 6th 2016

Amy combines mindfulness with healthy living and communication skills using the gifts from the garden to the horse’s mouth.

Nathaliekelly 195Pxx243

The TBI Coach

Episode No: 11
Guest Name: Nathalie Kelly
Episode Airdate: June 16th 2016

A sudden sailing accident left Nathalie Kelly with a serious brain injury. She now helps others with Traumatic Brain Injury get the help they need.

Erinkrilivsky 195Pxx243

Bikram Yoga - Sweatin' it Out

Episode No: 10
Guest Name: Erin Krilivsky
Episode Airdate: June 3rd 2016

Erin Krilivsky, founder of Bikram Yoga Williston shares how a hot room, 26 poses & mirrors can change your life.

Morelladevost 195Pxx243

Mending the Heart

Episode No: 9
Guest Name: Morella Devost
Episode Airdate: May 24th 2016

Do you have: Long-standing hurts from a particular memory or relationship. Sense that past hurts may be affecting your health. Done therapy or self-help but you’re still not where you want to be? Then Morella Devost's episode is the one for you.